Our mission

Terracube’s Sorting Centre wants to contribute to sustainable development and climate change solutions by applying the “Principes 3R-V”: reduce, reuse, recycle and reclaim.

Its mission is also to become a sorting centre recognized for respecting the best practices in the industry, for its participation in research and development, and its excellent customer service.

Terracube’s Sorting Centre is specially designed for the economic and environmental needs of our region.

In business since 2008, Mr. Gilles Forget and Ms. Carole Rochon have seen their companies evolve with time and the demand. Their business activities are part of an era of recycling dry materials. There was no place to dispose of construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) materials in the Haute-Gatineau territory, and the idea of Terracube’s Sorting Centre had been germinating in their heads for several years.

In 2017, the two owners bought a piece of land in Denholm, and from there, the official procedures began. Everything must comply with environmental standards. In the summer of 2018, they obtain their accreditation certificate from the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change.

A lot of time has passed between the blasting, the construction of the sorting centre’s infrastructure, and the pandemic. Still, in March 2021, they are proud and happy to finally open their doors to receive their first customers and start making a difference for the environment and surrounding communities.

In the long term, Terracube’s Sorting Centre would like to partner with universities and college researchers to put into practice new technologies or processes in material recycling.

Terracube is a member of the 3R MCDQ (Regroupement des Récupérateurs et des Recycleurs de Matériaux de Construction et de Démolition du Québec).

After 12 months of operation, Terracube aims to obtain the recognition of the CRD Sorter issued by Recyc-Quebec, which seeks to recognize facilities that have best practices.