Why sort?


Construction, renovation, and demolition debris represent nearly a third of the waste generated in Quebec. When you bring your dry waste to our Sorting Centre, you contribute to minimizing the economic, social and environmental impacts of the landfill.


To eliminate illegal
waste dumping

Not knowing what to do with their waste, some citizens dispose of their waste on roadsides, in fields, etc. With the rains and severe weather, toxic products leak out and contaminate the soil and groundwater.


To divert from landfills

The amount of waste in landfills is of great concern to our society. By choosing to bring your CRD materials to the sorting center, you help alleviate the challenges associated with landfills.


To recycle
certain materialss

When we collect waste, transform it and put it back into the production cycle to make new products, we are recycling. We, therefore, use a recovered material rather than a raw material to produce a new object.


To repurpose
certain materials

Reclaimed material constitutes the last element of the 3RV principle. Reduce, reuse, and recycle will be favoured. Reclaimed material consists of transforming a residue into a product of lesser value than the original product. For example, sound wood can turn into mulch.


To reduce your
ecological footprint

The earth’s resources and capacity to meet the needs of humankind are numbered; each person doing their part reduces the burden on our planet and allows future generations to enjoy all that it has of wonderful to offer them.

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips to simplify the process and save money!

Bring a batch of shingles, wood, asphalt, concrete, and if your materials are separated (not mixed or other waste), the price per ton is more economical.