Did you know that
Construction, renovation, and demolition debris represent nearly a third of the waste generated in Quebec. We have options to reduce the environmental impact.

A quick, easy and convenient way
to protect the environment!


Collection of your materials

Either we collect your materials through our dumpsters, from other company's bins, or by bringing your materials (car or trailer) directly to the sorting centre.


Materials categorized and weighed

The clerk at the balance determines the type of category of materials brought in (for example, CRD, mixed, wood, asphalt, etc.). The dumpster or the trailer is then weighed on entry and exit, on a scale that is certified annually by Measurement Canada. The difference in weight and the type of materials will determine your costs.


Materials Sorted

All the materials received are then sorted into piles or in dedicated dumpsters that follow environmental standards.


Materials Recycled or Converted

Depending on the material sorted, it is then recycled or converted on-site or sent to various markets.

Short Term Goal

8 000 t

of C&D Waste sorted
yearly at Terracube.


Terracube Sorting Centre wants to contribute to sustainable development and climate change solutions by applying the principles of 3R-V: reduce, reuse, recycle, and reclaim.

Its mission is also to become a sorting centre recognized for respecting the industry’s best practices, its participation in research and development, and its excellent customer service.

Our services

We offer an economical and flexible service to dispose of your dry waste of construction, renovation and demolition materials.

Our Public Scale is accessible to anyone needing to weigh their vehicle. We also have multiple industrial bins available for rental. We’ll even take care of the transportation.

Sorting Centre

Almost all of CRD’s products find a new life with the process of triage and our targeted partnerships.

Dumpster Rentals

A construction or renovation project in mind? We have the container solution for you.

Public Scale

Do you need to weigh your recreational vehicle, boat, transporter or other carriers? Our scale can accommodate up to 90 feet and 67000 lbs.


Affordable rates tailored for our community.

Terracube Sorting Centre settled in the Haute-Gatineau territory in Denholm and can serve the entire region of the MRC Vallée de la Gatineau, MRC des Collines as well as certain municipalities of the MRC de Papineau. With our quick community access, we’ve tailored our rates to bring you the best available prices in the industry.

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Why bring your CRD Waste to the Sorting Centre?


Construction, renovation, and demolition debris represent nearly a third of the waste generated in Quebec. When you bring your dry waste to our Sorting Centre, you contribute to minimizing the economic, social and environmental impacts of the landfill. Thank you for being an eco-responsible citizen.

  1. To eliminate illegal waste dumping
  2. To divert from landfills
  3. To recycle certain materials
  1. To repurpose certain materials
  2. To reduce your ecological footprint